Website Inception

How to make a simple website for


  • Use markdown to create articles
  • Use Jekyll to render these as HTML
  • Create some styling assets
  • Serve these from / github/ bitbucket etc…
  • Allow for extension later to do more dynamic pages
  • Use github flavoured markdown so we can have nice tables and code

Steps taken

  • Install Jekyll
  • Peruse the web (see references)
  • mkdir jekyll && cd jekyll/
    bundle init
    Writing new Gemfile to m7xer/jekyll/Gemfile
    bundle config set --local path 'vendor/bundle'
    bundle add jekyll
    bundle exec jekyll new --force --skip-bundle .
    bundle install
    bundle exec jekyll serve
  • Update _config.yml
  • Add _posts by following the guide here
  • Deploy to surge
  • Sort out domain