Handy Talky Analysis

Having purchased a regular Baofeng UV82 several years ago to listen in to local repeaters before acquiring my license, and whilst readying to take the Foundation exam I purchased a HP (High Power) version to put it through its paces and serve as a useful backup should SHTF.

I found that the receive performance was pretty much identical to my original model (I couldn’t transmit yet) so I turned my attention to antennas.

As so many antennas are available at various prices across ebay and amazon, and many fakes are purported to exist on the market, I decided to put some money down on a selection. Whilst doing so I stumbled across this meter which I invested in for such comparisons.

Now I have my license I am pleased to be able to test them across the board, I hope you find this useful in informing your choices when it comes to purchasing.

Radios under test

Radio Price Vendor
Baofeng UV82 £25.99 https://smile.amazon.co.uk/BaoFeng-Dual-Band-136-174-Portable-earpiece/dp/B071L54CDZ

Antennas under test

Antenna Price Vendor
UV82 Stock N/A N/A
Retevis RHD701    
“Diamond” SRH805S    


Radio 136Mhz 146.9Mhz 174Mhz 430Mhz 433.4Mhz 470Mhz
Baofeng UV82 0.8 / 4.4 1 / 5.4 1.3 / 5.4 1.1 / 3.9 1.1 / 3.85 1.2 / 3.2



Antenna 136Mhz 146.9Mhz 174Mhz
UV82 Stock 13.1 / 19.9 3.8 / 5.1 19.9+ / 19.9
SRH805S   19.9 / 19.9  
NA771   1.60 / 2.0  


Antenna 430Mhz 433.4Mhz 470Mhz
UV82 Stock 2.0 / 2.6 1.9 / 2.6 2.6 / 4.3
NA771   1.38 / 1.8